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Rug Repair
Expert Rug Repair

 Elegant oriental rugs have always taken a prominent role in the interior decoration of high end homes.  However, usage over time can take a toll on these oriental floor masterpieces. Properly caring for heirloom rugs requires special attention and knowledge to help retain their beauty and integrity.

Our company maintains a full service oriental rug restoration and repair department.  We are well stocked with hundreds of colors of wool and all the findings necessary to keep your oriental rugs in excellent condition.  Our skilled hands can accomplish invisible reweaving of holes and tears, as well as the hand knotting of wool to replace moth damaged areas.

Edges and ends are often the first to show signs of wear.  We can overcast ends to prevent further raveling, hand sew new fringes, or re-wrap worn edges.  By promptly attending to any areas that need attention, we not only prevent further damage to your oriental rug, but help you avoid a more costly repair in the future.

Making a positive change to your home décor can be as simple as fully restoring your priceless rugs back to their original beauty.  You will be happily surprised with the results, and you might just fall in love with your oriental rugs all over again!

Restoring damaged old rug
antique rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We carefully clean all antique rugs with special care. No harsh chemicals. Traditional cleaning techniques by hand.

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Rug Appraisal

Need an appraisal?  We provide comprehensive antique rug appraisals and certificates of authenticity.

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Rug Gallery

We have hundreds of authentic hand-made antique rugs from all over the world. Rugs of all sizes, colors and styles.

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